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The City Budget affects each and every person who lives in Minneapolis. Join the conversation to make sure city leaders represent your values and priorities in the decisions they make.

Testify at a Public Hearing

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Wed., December 1, 6:05 pm

Truth in Taxation Hearing



Wed., December 8, 6:05 pm

Public Hearing & Budget Adoption

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How will the 2022 Minneapolis City Budget impact me? 

City Services

Departments like the Fire, Public Works, and Health Departments provide critical services to ensure the wellbeing of residents and maintenance of essential infrastructure like roads, utilities, safety, and more.

City Programs

The City operates numerous programs that are funded through the City budget. For example, things like small business support, housing subsidies, and youth programming are funded by the City's budget. 

Property Taxes

Only 25% of the City's budget comes from property taxes, with the rest coming from other sources. The Board of Estimate & Taxation has the authority to increase property taxes for residents. Last year, there was no increase to the percentage property owners had to pay in property taxes, because of COVID-19.

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To get started, watch this quick primer on the City Budget process!

Find the Mayor's Proposed 2022 Budget here.

(Note: This doc is a doozy. It might be helpful to start by reading the Financial Overview, and then looking at specific Department Budgets for more detail.) 


Over the last few months, City Departments have presented their proposed budgets to the City Council. You can watch the presentations here: 




Bookmark this page and stay tuned for updates from PPNA staff about how the 2022 Budget reflects our priorities for Housing Justice, Equitable Development, and Livability & Safety in our community.

Email for support testifying or accessing information about the budget!