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Volunteer as a 

Fast Action Messenger

A moment of your time to text or call can make a difference

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How it works

PPNA Sends You An Update To Share


You ​Share The Update Via Text, Email, Phone Call with Your Block

Questions, Comments, & Ideas Can Be Sent Directly Back To PPNA

Fast Action Messengers will be asked to help with sharing important and time-sensitive public safety updates,  information about upcoming property sales or land use applications 

What do we need in a Fast Action Messenger? 

A FAM should be someone who has, or is willing to create, relationships with the majority of people who live on the block. They should be someone who regularly checks email and text messages and who has enough flexibility to assist with messages getting out to their neighbors in a timely manner.

Fast Action Messengers will not be asked to share information about Car accidents, fires, crimes, or other emergencies.