Housing Justice

Housing is a human right. 

Establishing and maintaining tenant protections, more affordable units, and low to no barrier access housing for the most vulnerable are vital to the health, safety and collective wealth of our community.  If we desire safety, livability, and equity for all, we desire affordable and accessible housing.


Protections from unfair housing practices or displacement are vital to a healthy community.  The financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are swelling and people need financial support in order to be safe from both the virus itself and from losing their housing.  At the same time, we know that homelessness is a growing pandemic itself, with Powderhorn Park serving as home to hundreds of people last over the summer and over 60% of the 2020 Renter Support Fund applicants having experienced homelessness.


We know that the people of Powderhorn want to see real investment in creating affordable housing and support for those experiencing homelessness.  Read more about these views in our 2020 Redevelopment Principals & Priorities Survey Results and 2020 Community Survey Results.  


Commit to advocating for renter protections, barrier-free, affordable housing, and resources for those experiencing homelessness.  Here are a few places to get involved.


Powderhorn Policy Tracker

Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia / United Renters For Justice



2021 continues to be a pivotal year in the fight for Housing Justice.  We need all hands on deck to ensure protections are in place as community members survive and then recover from the recession.  PPNA is deeply and missionally committed to facilitating a range of community voices in this fight and to fostering community development that is shaped by and for the community. 


Check out recaps, research, recordings of our Town Halls and more on our blog.

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PPNA wants to hear your Renter Story! Fill out this short form and let us know your renter experience -- what makes your home a home or how have you navigated interacting with your landlord


We collect stories and data from low-income, BIPOC renters through our Renter Support Fund. These stories help inform our advocacy work.


If you’re interested in joining a coalition that focuses on Housing Justice work, reach out to Grace at grace@ppna.org and we’ll help find the best fit.