You're Already Connected

To folks you share interests with

Community Interest Groups


You're already connected with people in the community...take a moment to register your crew as a Community Interest Group with PPNA!

What do I have to do as a registered group?

Each month PPNA will ask a few questions of your group to learn more about your views, how you're connecting, giving back, and creating community together.

What qualifies as a Community Interest Group?

To qualify your group must have between 3 to 30 people who live, work, or own property in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.

You must connect on a monthly basis.

Why Register as a Community Interest Group? 

PPNA can help by providing space to meet and/or virtual connections, supporting single runs of b/w copies up to 200.  A PPNA staff member may attend your meeting if desired and you'll receive a quarterly update from PPNA's Community Coordinator with relevant news and connections to support community engagement. 


Photo Credits (Top to bottom, left to right): Kimani Beard, Steph Paxton, and David Pierini