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4 Tips For Navigating Minneapolis This Weekend

The Super Bowl is just two days away! Here are 4 tips for getting around, staying safe and having fun this weekend.

Stay up to date on road closures and public transit changes.

Streets for about two dozen blocks surrounding the stadium and Downtown East Commons park will be closed over the weekend. Many streets Downtown will remain closed until February 11th. Read a list of all road closures and stay up to date here.

A portion of the light rail will be restricted on Sunday, February 4th and only accessible to Super Bowl ticket holders.

Metro Transit will offer free rides for Blue and Green Line passengers put onto replacement buses. Learn more and get your free pass here.

Stay safe when enjoying public space.

Stay alert when walking and don't use headphones. When using a rideshare company, like Uber, make sure to compare the license plate on the car picking you up to the one noted in your app. If you see anyone in distress or a dangerous situation call 911 immediately. It took 41 planning groups to put together the security plan for the Super Bowl, according to, learn more about working with Police and Public safety officials to ensure safety here.

9/3/17 Palani Pozzani

Enjoy watching the game in our community with neighbors and friends!

Skip the crowds and enjoy watching the game at a local spot. The Cardinal Restaurant and Bar and other great local spots will be playing the game and serving up delicious food. Football not your thing? Check out Midtown Global Market for Salsa Dancing with Rene Dennis Thompson!

Photo Credits: 6/30/09 by Craig Bares, 9/3/17 Palani Pozzani

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