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Meet Marissa & Lindsay; Making An Impact In Powderhorn!

Meet Marissa Tappy and Lindsay Techel!

They create an impact through their work in solidarity with the GBLT Hosthome program through Avenues for Homeless Youth. They've been a part of the GBLT HostHome program for over eight years and have hosted six youth in their Powderhorn Park home both long-term and short-term. They continue to be part of the program but are not hosting anyone at the moment.

When asked why they do what they do, they say:

“Solidarity. It's the premise of the GLBT Host Home program. We moved to Minneapolis from Charlotte NC in 2009 and wanted to "start a family." We met Rocki [who works for Avenues] after a long day at the Rainbow Families conference and after talking to her, knew we found our match. We had space in our home and a dedication to work in solidarity with queer youth experiencing homelessness. It was and is a perfect fit and we couldn't be happier with the family we've built.”

Learn more about ways you can make an impact with Avenues here:

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