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Renter Power Mural: PPNA art project on the Greenway.

PPNA is supporting local artist Cori Lin to create two bodies of artwork based on Renter Stories. To see the other body of work, Faces of Renting, go to link at bottom of the page. Below is a review of the Mural and the creation process by Cori:


The last weekend of July at the Greenway Glow, with the help of many volunteers, Tori Hong and I initiated an ambitious mural project beneath the Columbus Street bridge on the Greenway. We are filling both sides of the bridge with a painting to celebrate & claim space for South Minneapolis' many renters.

Tori and I and others have been outreaching to South Minneapolis renters over the past five months, asking them what their concerns were in the neighborhood, as renters. From postcards mailed to apartment buildings, doorknocking around the neighborhood, tabling in the park, social media responses, and individual interviews, we connected with over 100 renters to inform the mural. Overwhelmingly we heard fears of rising rents, few housing options, and people feeling powerless over choices concerning in their homes.

We chose to showcase renters engaging in activities we heard make them feel connected and rooted in their homes. Renters told us that things like gardening, sharing resources, and cooking in community all make them feel like their rental homes are truly home. Underneath the portraits will be information about the forces that renters of color are fighting, including rising rents, lack of affordable options, and dis-proportionate evictions.

The mural features these South Minneapolis residents and renters who graciously represented our diverse community. (Top to Bottom, L to R) Hawa, Sophea & Yves, Jared, Joanna & Irina, and Ixel.

Powderhorn Park is privileged to work with these amazing renter and tenant resources:

Housing Justice Coalition - Organized in part by Parks & Power & IX


PPNA is committed to advancing renter rights, which includes affordable and livable housing. We advocate for pro renter polices and support various actions seeking to increase renter power, education, and access to resources like legal help and home repair.


View Cori's companion series, Faces of Renting: Portraits sharing the stories, struggles, and successes of renters in the Greater Powderhorn area. Low & Hannah's Story. Luis' Story. Chloe's Story.

This work is funded by the CURA Artist Neighborhood Partnership Initiative, supporting artists of color create work based on specific community issues.

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