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Co-ops & Collectives Recap

As part of our Economic Justice at 38th & Chicago series, our first panel focused on Co-operative and Collective economic models as a consideration for creating more equity in our community.

Our Panel:

Christina Nicholson, Nexus Community Partners

Henry Rucker, Project for Pride in Living

Watch the video:

Key Takeaways:

- There are many types of cooperative or collective economies, and you are probably already participating in one

- Worker-owned cooperatives benefit employees, businesses, and communities by paying higher wages, reducing employee turnover, creating cultures of ownership, and more

- Lending Circles help people save money while build credit, which is one way we can help more people become homeowners

- We can all play a role in sharing information with our community so people know there are ways to build credit without going into debt and by supporting cooperatives that already exist

Additional resources:

- Christina's presentation is below and you can learn more about the North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship here: https://www.nexuscp.org/our-work/north-star-black-cooperative-fellowship/

Worker-Owner Overview
Download PPTX • 9.63MB

- Learn about lending circles and how they help build credit or apply to join one.

- Interested in learning more about what it takes to start a worker-owned cooperative? Reach out to Christina and her team at cnicholson@nexuscp.org

- Looking for more information about starting or joining a lending circle? Give Henry a call at 612-968-6580

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