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D Line Construction Begins

Following the Metropolitan Council awarding a $26.1 million contract, construction of the METRO D Line, a bus rapid transit (BRT) line will begin in early April. This new service will improve and expand equitable access by providing fast, frequent and all-day service in the Route 5 corridor, Metro Transit’s busiest bus route.

D Line stations provide upgraded amenities like real-time signage and heat during the winter, and improved safety measures like security cameras and emergency call boxes. And, BRT is designed to provide service every 10 minutes throughout most of the day.   

The D Line will use existing C Line stations in downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center.  Construction along 44th Avenue in north Minneapolis and at 60th & Portland in south Minneapolis will be coordinated with street construction projects led by Hennepin County.

The project will also construct pedestrian and signal improvements at BRT station intersections, planned and funded in coordination with the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, and City of Bloomington. 

What to expect from construction

Construction at each intersection will generally include new road and sidewalk sections, changes to traffic signals, and installation of new BRT shelters and other station features.

  • Some locations will also include utility work.

  • Intersections may be fully closed to auto traffic for up to a month with additional lane restrictions for longer time periods.

  • Outreach staff will communicate with residents, business and property owners within one block prior to construction starting at each station location.

  • Sidewalk access will always be maintained on at least one side of construction zones.

  • Pedestrian access to homes and businesses will be maintained.

  • Buses will be detoured around construction intersections. Up-to-date information can be found at Subscribe to Rider Alerts for up-to-date information.

  • Crews will install underground conduit for a fiber optic network along the length of the whole corridor to link technology at stations.



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