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  • Ephraim Eusebio

May Day Café

Beloved & Poised for the Next Chapter

It is with a mixture of nostalgia and hope that we come together to rally behind our treasured gathering spot, the iconic May Day Cafe and bakery that has been the heart of our community for 27 years. With the news of its impending sale, we are presented with a unique opportunity to shape the future of our beloved neighborhood. This place, with its aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the comforting scent of the very best pastries, May Day has been more than just a business; It has served as a sanctuary where we have found solace and where the spirit of Powderhorn has thrived.

As we stand on the brink of change, we must take a moment to reflect on the importance of preserving the essence of what this establishment has meant to us and find a new steward of the business and building, with an offer price of $750,000 for both. Andy wishes to combine the sale to keep the business intact and in its current location. He even said he would stay on board for a couple of months to help the new owners figure out the tips and tricks for the management side of things. The sale includes all business equipment and assets including all the incredible recipes! The current staff wish to remain, and the customers are as loyal as can be.

If you or someone you know is interested in more information, please contact:

Ephraim Eusebio, REALTOR, and Listing Agent at 612-382-9477 and, and please share this post with any neighbors you can who may be interested in keeping this building and business in operation and thriving.

Let’s unite in our determination to keep the spirit of community alive and thriving. Let us ensure that the legacy of this place remains intact, nurturing future generations with the same warmth and hospitality that has characterized it for so long. We made it through a worldwide pandemic, and now in the face of inevitable change, let’s come together, not just as patrons, but as stewards of this legacy, ensuring that the heart of our neighborhood continues to beat, safeguarding its legacy for another 27 years.

With unwavering support and unwavering love for our community,

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

and Ephraim Eusebio, REALTOR with Lakes Area Realty

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