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Network Next staff recommend future BRT lines

Following months of analysis and community engagement, Metro Transit finalized recommendations for the next three bus rapid transit (BRT) alignments that will become the METRO F, G, and H lines.

These recommendations are the result of a robust and data-driven process guided by community priorities,” Katie Roth, assistant director of BRT projects said.

With help from the public to prioritize alignments, staff recommend that the METRO F Line run between downtown Minneapolis and Northtown Mall via Central Avenue, the G Line travel between Mendota Heights and Little Canada via Robert and Rice streets and the H Line run between downtown Minneapolis and Sun Ray Transit Center in St. Paul via Como Avenue and Maryland Avenue.

Based on ridership, equity metrics, costs, and other benefits, 19 initial corridors were studied for potential BRT implementation. Multiple rounds of feedback across 2020 helped shape the process and narrow the field of potential lines to respond to community priorities. In December, Metro Transit sought further public feedback on four near-term candidates. Community priorities, paired with further evaluation of costs and ridership, led to the recommendations for the F, G, and H lines.

“Together, the recommended F, G, and H lines will greatly expand the reach of the METRO network of BRT and light rail, bringing fast and frequent service to more communities who depend on transit,” Roth said. “This is a major step toward expanding equitable access to jobs and opportunity in the Twin Cities region.”

The Metropolitan Council will consider an action to adopt these recommendations in March. Pending full funding, the F Line would be constructed starting in 2025, with the G and H lines following. All three lines are planned to be operational by 2030, pending full funding. Network Next is a 20-year plan for expanding and improving the bus network. Transit improvements under consideration include improved local and express routes, integrated shared mobility options, and new BRT lines. Later in 2021, Metro Transit will begin the next phase of Network Next, focusing on local and express bus improvements.



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