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New Neighborhood Traffic Calming Process

The City has a new process for considering community requests for neighborhood traffic calming. Their goal is to maintain a fair, transparent, and equitable process.

Anyone can apply for neighborhood traffic calming, including residents, property owners, business owners, and neighborhood or business organizations. To have a traffic calming request considered for installation in 2023, you need to submit an application by November 1, 2022.

There are two ways to submit an application:

You can call 311 if you need any help filling out the application or email with any questions.

Find more details about the process in the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Report September 2022

The city anticipates many more requests than they will be able to fund in 2023, but this process is designed to help them fairly and effectively use the funding they do have available to make streets safer. They plan to continue the process each year so they can address more and more requests over time. Additional information is available on the City's traffic calming webpage.


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