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Partner Spotlight: HOME Line

HOME Line provides free legal, organizing, educational and advocacy services to help Minnesota tenants solve their rental housing problems. HOME Line also involves tenants in the process of improving public and private rental housing policies.

HOME Line's primary program is a multilingual tenant hotline which has provided free, confidential, and convenient legal advice to over 285,000 renter households throughout the state for over 30 years. In addition to this core service, HOME Line staff also engage in tenant organizing, policy advocacy, impact litigation, and public education on rental/legal topics. Further, for the past 3+ years, HOME Line's Eviction Prevention Project has collected comprehensive statewide eviction filing data, sent multilingual resource letters to eviction defendants, and advised thousands of renters who were at immediate risk of eviction and homelessness.

"HOME Line’s programs address the threats and harmful situations many renter households experience by providing direct legal advice, practical assistance, and support to individual families while addressing current threats to affordable housing and renter rights by working collaboratively and in coalition with tenants, community members, allied organizations lawmakers and landlords to improve tenant rights and preserve and promote affordable housing.

If you are a renter who wants to learn more about your rights or if you have a question about your rental housing situation, please contact HOME Line's free and confidential tenant hotline: 612-728-5767 or email your question to one of our housing attorneys.

Additionally, whether you are a renter or a concerned community member, you can learn more about HOME Line Minnesota Renters' state legislative agenda, as well as to sign on to endorse and get involved in advocacy to pass these critical tenant rights."



PPNA is proud to serve on the following coalitions with HOME Line: Equity in Place Coalition, Housing Justice League, and Business Resource Collective.


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