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Partner Spotlight: Hope Community

Hope Community creates connections that strengthen the power of community members and communities. They cultivate community leaders, build community capacity, care for the housing and community spaces they develop, and pursue equity and diversity in all they do.

Hope Community has a variety of programs that engage people in art, advocacy, food, health, wellness, and asset building. They create built environments like quality housing, commercial spaces, community spaces, and community gardens.

Currently, Hope Community has opportunities available within Hope’s Community Ownership Program.

The program supports renters to become owner-occupant landlords of small multifamily properties. The program prepares and supports participants to purchase a duplex/triplex in the community, live in one unit, and maintain the other(s) as an affordable rental opportunity. The program includes training with small business development support to build capacity for success as an owner-occupant and landlord coupled with supporting buyers to access homes without the burden of major capital improvement needs.

It includes a partnership with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust, with the land trust model of ownership providing a valuable resource both for new homeowners and for providing an alternative to gentrification for future generations.

After the training ends, the program aims to support graduates on their journey to ownership, setting goals, and working to help meet them. They also offer connections and resources for potential owner-occupants, including connections to HomeStretch training, down payment assistance resources, homebuyer counseling and credit resources, and more.


Hope Community

PPNA is proud to serve on the following coalitions with Corcoran Neighborhood Organization: Equity in Place, and Make Homes Happen

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Madam Sara
Madam Sara
May 06

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