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PPNA BOOK DRIVE with the Women's Prison Book Project

PPNA is partnering with the Women's Prison Book Project (WPBP) to collect and donate books to support the health and education of incarcerated women and transgender persons.

From July 12-21, anyone can drop off books at PPNA’s office (821 E 35th St.) on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11-3!

Drop Off Dates, 11am to 3pm

  • Wednesday, July 12

  • Friday, July 14

  • Wednesday, July 19

  • Friday, July 21

WPBP has been a non-profit, volunteer run organization since 1994. Their goal is “ build connections with those behind the [prison] walls, and to educate those of us on the outside about the realities of prison and the justice system”.

Books that are donated should be in good condition and soft cover. Please consider donating books in the following genres, as they are the most enjoyed: mysteries, romance, fantasy, craft/art, horror, true crime, LGBTQ topics, DIY, fashion/beauty/exercise, dictionaries, health topics, spirituality (Wicca, Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc), and alcohol and drug recovery

For more info on WPBP, go here!

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