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The Slow Roll - Minneapolis Edible Boulevards

! If you're looking to attend PPNA's Slow Roll, please fill out this registration form !

On September 24th, 2023 from 1pm-4pm, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association will be teaming up with Minneapolis Edible Boulevards to bring you THE SLOW ROLL. A slow roll is a casual paced bike ride that ANYONE can participate in. It is not a race, but instead a leisurely stroll through South Minneapolis. On this slow roll, we will tour 4 of the many Minneapolis Edible Boulevard Gardens. Please see the map below!

Why Minneapolis Edible Boulevards?

Well, for two reasons:

  1. PPNA's work in the environmental justice space is aimed to address environmental disparities and harms through collaborative problem-solving. Lack of access to healthy and nutritious food is an environmental injustice. Where you live and the amount of money you have can be barriers to being able to choose healthier options. PPNA believes that food access is a right for everyone and so does Minneapolis Edible Boulevards.

  2. Minneapolis Edible Boulevards is an AWESOME program! It was founded by Michelle Shaw as a means of ensuring access to healthy & whole food options. Michelle hosts cooking classes on the first Wednesday of every month and applications to create your very own edible boulevard garden open in the springtime. You can learn more about them via their Facebook Page

How do I find the Minneapolis Boulevard Gardens?

You can locate MEB Gardens by locating the signs you see below. If the garden is on a city boulevard, chances are, its an MEB garden! The sign is white and green with a hand symbol holding a flower. If you see a sign, you're free to dine! (as in grab yourself some nice veggies!) You can also join us on the 24th for the slow roll!

DO YOU WANT TO HIGHLIGHT AN EJ HERO? Fill out this EJ Hero Form to uplift a person or organization within your community that is doing Environmental Justice Advocacy work. EJ Hero's have a chance to be featured within our social network and/or partner with us at an event like the Slow Roll. We are so looking forward to hearing from YOU!


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