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Hiawatha Avenue between I-35W and Hwy 62 needs to be resurfaced and three bridges in the project area need to be repaired. The project will be broken up into two sections, the northern half from Downtown Minneapolis to 32nd Avenue and the southern half from 32nd Avenue to Hwy 62. Work will take place starting in spring through fall 2022.


The closure will occur in three stages:
  • Beginning at 10 p.m. on Sun, July 31, northbound Hiawatha Ave. from 32nd St. to 26th St. will be closed to traffic through 11 p.m. Sun, Aug. 7.

  • o Note: When northbound Hiawatha Ave. from 32nd St. to 26th St. reopens to traffic, it will be reduced to a single lane until the end of August.

  • Then beginning at 4 a.m. on Mon, Aug. 1, northbound Hiawatha Ave. from Hwy 62 to 46th St. will be closed to traffic through 10 p.m. Wed, Aug. 3.

  • Finally, beginning at 10 p.m. on Wed, Aug. 3, northbound Hiawatha Ave. from 46th St. to 32nd St. will be closed through 11 p.m. Sun, Aug. 7.

Where should employees and customers detour?

Motorists can use westbound Hwy 62 and northbound I-35W as a detour.

Other impacts

Plan for intermittent, short-term intersection closures along Hiawatha Ave. between 46th St. and 32nd St. through Sun, Aug. 7. Cross-traffic and motorists on southbound Hiawatha Ave. should expect significant delays and use alternate routes.


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