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Update: Voter approval of Charter Amendment to adopt a new form of city government

From the City of Minneapolis:

The City has created a webpage for the public to learn about the new form of city government adopted by Minneapolis voters. The “Executive Mayor – Legislative Council” system of government was approved on November 2nd, thereby reshaping the governmental structure of our City. This measure establishes more clear roles for both the Mayor and the City Council, with the Mayor acting as chief executive officer and the Council as the legislative body.

This new structure will take effect on December 3rd of this year. In addition, the following actions will be taken:

  • The Executive Committee will be dissolved.

  • All City Departments will report to the Mayor.

  • The City Coordinator and other Charter Department Directors will become part of the Mayor’s Executive Team.

  • Management Departments will continue to report to the City Coordinator.

To learn more about the government restructure, background of the amendment, and timeline, please continue to check the City's website for information, as this will be updated over the coming weeks and months as this important process is underway.



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