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Embracing Community Spirit

Updated: Apr 17

How You Can Make a Meaningful Impact in Powderhorn

In the vibrant heart of South Minneapolis lies a community radiating with creativity, diversity, and a shared commitment to social justice. At the forefront of this dynamic neighborhood stands the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), a small but mighty nonprofit dedicated to fostering connections, sharing vital community information, and actively collaborating to address key issues. One of the most compelling ways PPNA achieves its mission is by organizing and hosting a series of art, music, and justice events that celebrate the community's rich tapestry and serve as platforms for meaningful engagement, community building, and positive change.

Volunteering at PPNA's community events is more than just lending a helping hand; it's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant spirit of South Minneapolis and contribute to the collective effort of building a stronger, more connected community. Whether it's setting up for expansive community celebrations, assisting artists and performers with their installations, or helping to create the space for community discussions on pressing social issues, volunteers play a pivotal role in bringing these events to life and making them accessible to all.

Uplift the Power of Art

Art has long been recognized as a powerful tool for expression and social commentary, and, this August 3rd & 4th, PPNA harnesses the joyful celebration of the 33rd annual Powderhorn Park Art Fair to uplift the voices and creations of local artists while bringing the community together amidst food and flourishing creativity.  From wood, clay, painting, and mixed media, to food trucks and family fun, this event catalyzes community play and artistic self-expression.

As a volunteer, you might find yourself assisting local artists to set up and tear down, guiding families through the fun-filled Family Zone, operating our info and survey stations, or simply soaking in the transformative power of art to transcend boundaries and foster community wellness.

Dance in the Streets

Music unites us across cultures and backgrounds. PPNA's Porchfest Music Festival is a one-of-a-kind electrifying event that harnesses this universal language to create moments of joy, connection, and celebration. On September 21st, this lively street festival showcases diverse musical talents on several “porch stages” across 17th Ave South, Minneapolis - creating a series of intimate concerts that bring neighbors together in celebration under the autumn sun and, later, twinkling stars.

PPNA's Porchfest is a vibrant expression of community spirit and solidarity. As a volunteer, you might find yourself helping to set up sound equipment, managing crowd flow, selling PPNA merch to raise funds for our ongoing community engagement-joy-and-justice work, or simply grooving along to the rhythm of unity and belonging.

Empower Meaningful Impact 

Justice lies at the core of PPNA's mission, and our community advocacy events provide crucial platforms for addressing systemic inequalities, amplifying marginalized voices, and fostering meaningful dialogue around pressing social issues. From community forums that tackle topics like affordable housing, racial justice, and the Renters Support Fund to grassroots campaigns that mobilize residents to take action, PPNA strives to empower individuals to become agents of change in their communities and to support one another.

Our renowned Annual Southside Summit on Friday, November 8th, is intentionally designed for community champions who believe we can further community wellbeing together. Our summit features bold speakers, relevant workshops, connections among community members, and prominent reminders of the collective impact we can make. As a volunteer, you might find yourself checking in attendees, helping set up the venue, distributing informational materials, helping attendees with event flow, or supporting the drive of our current justice campaigns - paving the way for advocacy efforts aimed at creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Help Us Build A Brighter South Minneapolis 

At the heart of PPNA's community events is a deep commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration. Volunteers from all walks of life come together to contribute their time, skills, and passion to create spaces where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard. Whether you're a seasoned activist or a first-time volunteer, there's a place for you at PPNA's events, where your presence and participation will make a tangible difference in the lives of those around you and the future of our community.

Are you ready to be more deeply connected to the people and movements of South Minneapolis? Volunteering with PPNA is more than just an opportunity to give back; it's a chance to be part of something greater than yourself—connect with your neighbors, empower underrepresented voices, have fun, and co-create toward a more fair and inclusive community for everyone. So join us as we gather in community, uplift voices, dance in the streets and organize our way toward a brighter future for South Minneapolis and beyond. Together, we can make a difference—one event at a time.

Photo credit: Andrea Pierre/KRSM Radio

Editor: Ren Koo

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Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
May 02

Volunteering at PPNA's community events is more than just lending a helping hand; it's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant spirit of South Minneapolis doodle games

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