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We need us

That’s the bottom line. It seems to be the underlying theme in the numerous statements by numerous organizations about yesterday’s verdict in the first trial to provide some iota of justice for the murder of George Perry Floyd Jr. In near uniform fashion, comments about the verdict have indicated the verdict itself is not enough; that racial injustice is alive and well in this country; that structural and systemic inequities for BIPOC folks abound; that many wept from relief because justice in this case was not a forgone conclusion. So here we are facing another moment in history that is begging for change. One that is calling on each of us to follow, understand, and stand up for one area of community that continues to perpetuate inequity on black and brown bodies. As a neighborhood association, we care deeply about helping everyone identify at least one issue that you can help support with a lens toward improving equity and justice in all forms. With this in mind, take a moment to decide which need in the community you will champion in an effort to further racial justice beyond the cycle of headlines. We’re here to help you find resources, people, and opportunities to support your work. Justice, equity, healing, and community need us all!



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