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What’s Up at City Hall: The City Budget

You may have noticed recent headlines about several policies being worked on or passed at the City of Minneapolis. This blog post will catch you up on the City Budget! Stay tuned for other posts on rent stabilization and police oversight!

The City Council approved the Budget

On December 6, the City Council voted to adopt the Mayor’s 2023-2024 budget, as amended by the City Council. For a detailed look, we recommend starting with this Budget-in-Brief. Then, check out the amendments passed by the City Council to get a sense of the final package.

Why It Matters

Taxes: Property taxes are increasing for most Minneapolis homeowners, $167 on average.

Safety: The Office of Violence Prevention is now the Department of Neighborhood Safety. Despite increased funding for violence prevention strategies — including expanding the Behavioral Crisis Response teams to all precincts — these programs remain underfunded. The City continues to spend the vast majority of its safety resources on MPD.

Equitable Development: Funds like the Commercial Property Development Fund (CPDF) and one-time appropriations for Dreamland on 38th Street and the ZaRah Wellness Center support development of BIPOC-led projects. These programs provide only a fraction of the overall bottom line for any given project, so additional funds are essential.

Housing: Across 2023 and 2024, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund gets $18 million for the production of affordable rental housing. While this is a step in the right direction, an average rental unit costs thousands of dollars to build, so these funds fall short of the true need. The City contributes only $75,000 annually to the Office of Homelessness, a collaboration with the county. We believe more resources are needed to prevent and respond to homelessness.

Take Action

Use your voice to advocate for programs and services you care about. Contact your Council Member to advocate for local investments or changes. You can also vote with your wallet by donating to local projects, campaigns, or initiatives. For example, the Cultural Wellness Center is raising funds for Dreamland on 38th Street. You can support their efforts here.


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