Walking Distance > Fast + Direct

I want to walk as little as possible to get to my transit stop even if it means slower and less direct service to my destination


I would rather...

Walk for three more minutes than I do today to a faster bus that gets me to my destination ten minutes earlier Walk for the same amount of time as I do today to a bus that gets me to my destination at the same time as today


The Advocacy Shop: Transit Trade-offs is brought to you by PPNA in partnership with Metro Transit.

More About Network Next

The core work of Network Next will be identifying service improvements to Metro Transit’s bus network. These improvements will include Metro Transit’s local and express bus network and new arterial BRT lines. The vision identified in Network Next won’t be achieved overnight—it will take incremental improvements over time to get there. The improvements named in Network Next will be prioritized for implementation to guide the expansion of the bus network over the next 20 years, with updates about every five years along the way. The vision for 2040 will require additional funding for transit operations, new buses, garages and other support facilities. Network Next will identify the funding and resource needs needed to implement the identified improvements.

Read more about Network Next here: https://www.metrotransit.org/network-next

Walking Distance > Fast + Direct

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