We Will Rise


Powderhorn Park continues to be a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community in the heart of South Minneapolis. It has also become the epicenter of a global uprising after the murder of George Floyd occurred within our boundaries. A new wave of pronouncements and expectations around furthering equity and justice for people who identify, in-part, as Black, Indigenous, and a Person of Color (BIPOC) is driving a key aspect of the country's dialogue. Considering PPNA’s efforts to advance its Resource Centered Platform over the past several years, this moment of trial and awakening can benefit businesses and organizations taking some of the following steps to help connect, inform, and inspire toward the community change and health we deserve.


Help Connect the Dots

  • Provide funding and or people power to help address the disparities that numerous existing reports, data sets, and designations indicate are needed in sociocultural and economically diverse communities like Powderhorn. This includes insights related to Opportunity Zones, Minneapolis Promise Zones, Areas of Concentrated Poverty where 50% of the population identify as a person of color (ACP50), and indicators related to disparities that Minnesota Compass continues to update. 

  • Our community needs annual resources to support policies, ordinances, municipal budget decisions, and dedicated community funds to mitigate and not exacerbate disparities.

  • An example of the type of specific resources we continue to advocate for includes a $10 million framework to drive positive street level activation with a Community Services Team, Restroom Access Fund, and Social Enterprise Mobile carts. Learn more here.


Support Beyond the News Cycle

  • We need long-term partners who can commit to helping maintain a focus and action on advancements in equity and justice beyond and before a crisis. 

  • PPNA maintains partnerships with dozens of community organizers, groups, and organizations who are immersed in sparking positive change.

  • Help us provide access to a Communications Fund that enables our ability to establish a quarterly process for at least 6 community partners to request and receive $500 of cash assistance to drive their ongoing calls for justice and equity


Sponsor a

Community-Centered Event

  • PPNA hosts or collaborates with a variety of community artists, residents, and organizations to bring more than half-a-dozen community events to life.

  • Consider becoming a sponsor of one of the following annual events:

    • Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

    • Powderhorn Art + Soul Fundraiser

    • Powderhorn Shark Tank

    • Powderhorn Art Fair

    • Powderhorn Rummage Tour

    • Powderhorn Porchfest

    • Powderhorn Food Festival

    • Southside Summit

  • Inquire about sponsorship at info@ppna.org and receive information on current opportunities and benefits.