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Renter Support Fund Application

This application form opens every month on the first Monday at 12pm and closes the second Monday at 12pm. Renters need to apply each month to be considered for that month's available funds. In 2023, the application periods are: July 3-10, August 7-14, September 4-11, October 2-9, November 6-13, and December 4-11.


Eligible applicants will be selected through a lottery. You will hear from us within two business days once the application closes. At that time, we will follow up about how you can expect to receive funds if selected.


All data collected will remain anonymous. Data will only be managed by the fund administrator, the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA), and will remain in PPNA's possession for up to 7 years.


Please contact Julia Hobart with any questions at or 612-446-4661 (call/text).

NOTE: We will use this email to notify you of our funding decision. Please double-check your spelling to ensure we can contact you.

Do you rent your home?

NOTE: You must be currently renting or using these funds to cover costs of moving into rental housing. You do not have to have a formal lease to be considered a renter. 

Do you spend more than 30% of your income on housing costs?

Note: You are only eligible for this program if you are considered “cost-burdened,” which means that you spend more than 30% of your income on housing costs, including rent and utilities. 

If you are selected, we will ask for a document that demonstrates you spend 30% or more of your income on housing (rent and utilities). Do you want to upload a document now, or wait until you are selected?
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