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Energy, Equity, & Advocacy?

Let’s discuss how, or if, we can make a difference driving access to equitable and affordable clean energy.



Who: This convening is for community-centered leaders engaged in one or more tables, coalitions, cohorts, councils, etc. who want to advance equity in community energy issues



When: Thursday, May 25th, from 9:00 am – 11:30 am


Where:  Springboard for the Arts | 262 University Ave. W., St. Paul - 55103


Registration: Please complete the registration form on this page to attend.


Convene community-centered groups, organizations, and individuals working to advance one or more forms of energy equity in the State of Minnesota for the purpose of identifying and furthering new pathways of collaboration that can foster systems change.

  • Host an open and honest conversation about the strengths and challenges with how advocates of energy equity are organized or disorganized around this work.


  • Determine if advocates of energy equity can imagine different ways of organizing ourselves in service of driving both short-term and long-term results. 


This convening is hosted by the Twin Cities Energy Efficiency Peer Learning Cohort (TCEEPLC), which consists of more than a dozen community-centered organizations, groups, and individuals who desire to influence systems change across a range of energy factors


Thanks for registering for the convening. See you on  May 25th!

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