Key Coalition Partners

 Join a coalition and help PPNA work with dozens of partners to advocate for community priorities:

Minneapolis Renters Coalition (MRC)

Actively partners with other community-based and neighborhood organizations to secure funding for the Renter Support Fund.

Established 2017

Minneapolis Equitable Development Coalition (MEDC)


Work to understand and identify ways to influence equitable development

Grow interest and support of the MEDC by a variety of community stakeholders

Established in 2020

Meets monthly

Given immediate development needs connected to the civil uprising, PPNA will center these meetings around updates related to recovery efforts and ways the community can help influence this work. For more information contact email

South Minneapolis Public Safety Coalition (SMPSC)

Share, discuss and promote existing resources that support livability and safety

Work as a whole or in small groups to advocate for additional or provide new resources

Established in 2017 

Meets monthly

Make Homes Happen Coalition

A coalition of 45+ organizations working together to preserve and create affordable housing and to protect tenants’ rights in Minneapolis.

Meets monthly, for more information about how to support PPNA’s engagement with this work email

Housing Justice League

A group of community based organizations advocating for policy change and building grassroots support for housing justice in Minneapolis.


Meets bi-weekly, for more information about to support PPNA’s engagement with this work email


Check out PPNA’s community calendar to find the next date for coalition meetings and direct actions. 

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