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PPNA strives to support our members who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood by connecting folks to resources, securing resources that members can access, and by encouraging ongoing community connections.  We keep an up-to-date list of available resources for a variety of issues and opportunities.  Please reach out to us at with your specific request.




We're currently fundraising for the Renter Support Fund, providing direct financial assistance to renters.  Read more here.

We can also refer folks to partners who assist renters in legal matters, tenant organizing, and those looking to access transitional housing.



We maintain a list of organizations that provide financial assistance for down payments, emergency home repairs, and general home improvements.  We also know of resources for seniors and persons with disabilities who need help with home maintenance.


Business Support


We maintain a list of organizations that can help businesses in a variety of ways.  We regularly update businesses, who opt-in, about funding and other resources.  If you have a promotion or information you’d like to share, we can generally post it on our social media channels.  If you’d like to receive updates from us, please contact Hannah at


Neighborhood Development


Concerns about a pending development.

PPNA may be able to develop and submit a public comment on a development depending on the project.  If you reach out to us with your concerns we’ll update you on what we know, and any current plans or viewpoints we have.


In many cases, Developers seeking variances, permits, etc are required to contact the neighborhood association and notify us of their plans.  There are also other notification requirements for area residents that come into play that vary by project.  We publish these notifications on our blog and release them in our monthly Civic Round-Up (when applicable).  


In other cases, specifically, where there are no variances, etc. required, PPNA is not notified of developments and there isn’t a viable course of action to take to influence or otherwise change the course of a project.  We’re certainly still here to listen to your concerns and brainstorm with you about how to address them.


Planning to develop property in the neighborhood.

Please reach out to us at  We’re excited to hear more about your project and talk through ways we can share information about your plans with the community, and gain insight around their preferences and priorities. 


Safety & Livability 


Traffic Calming Requests (i.e. Speed Bumps, Stop Signs, etc)

We encourage you to submit your request for review to the City of Minneapolis here.  We are happy to discuss the issues impacting your block and what might help.


Parking Issues

While there are no rules against parking on Minneapolis streets in general, there are several regulations put forth by the city that can be found here.  


Increased Crime in My Area

We encourage you to reach out to your City Council representative about your concerns.  PPNA advocates for more resources to be allocated to holistic safety solutions and restorative justice models.  Join us by contacting Venus at




Block Club Information, Organizing, and Concerns

If you’re interested in joining your local Block Club you can reach out to your Crime Prevention Specialist. To learn more about ensuring that your local Block Club maintains a healthy environment for everyone check out these resources.  PPNA is launching a few new efforts in 2021 aimed at understanding how neighbors are already connecting with each other and how folks can help PPNA get the word out about time-sensitive information.  Learn more at and


Neighbor Disputes and Disagreements 

If you’re having difficulty with your neighbors, we recommend reaching out to the conflict resolution center to organize mediation between you.  You can learn more about them and contact them here.


Lost Pets 

If you’ve lost your pet, you can send us a description and photo at to share on our social media pages.  


Lost Items

If you’ve lost an item, you can send us a description and/or photo at to share on our social media pages.  

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