Community Gathering

Save the Date - Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Our annual community gathering brings together the people of Powderhorn to elect members to the Board of Directors and learn more about the work of PPNA in the previous year.


Interested in Board Service?  Learn more and complete a nomination form here

If you need assistance accessing the gathering please reach out to us at 612.722.4817.  We can connect you to resources that may assist you with securing a computer and low-cost/no-cost internet access.  If you need any accommodations, such as interpretation to participate please contact us at info@ppna.org. 


What is the Powderhorn Annual Community Gathering?

Our annual community gathering brings together the people of Powderhorn to elect members to the Board of Directors, and learn more about the work of PPNA in the previous year.  This year we’ll be reporting on 2019.

Who can attend?

Members!  Everyone who lives, works or owns property in Powderhorn Park Neighborhood (bounded by Lake Street, 38th Street, Chicago Avenue, and Cedar Avenue) is a member.

How does early and absentee voting work?

As an effort to increase member participation in our Board election, PPNA instituted Early and Absentee Voting in 2017.  Board nominees are posted on our website prior to the Annual Gathering with an electronic form to vote.  You can update your vote at the Annual Gathering if you're able to make it.  Read a full F.A.Q. in by clicking the links in English, Spanish and Somali.

Why is the Annual Gathering going virtual in 2020?

Due to COVID-19 it is imperative that we ensure a safe space.  We are unable to use the park building as we have in previous years.  There is no way that we can ensure adequate social distancing indoors at the PPNA offices.  Given the weather in October and our need to notify the community of meeting specifics, going virtual was the only option allowing us to disseminate accurate information about accessing the gathering.

How can I run for the Board?

All members over the age of 16 are qualified to run for the Board.  Learn more here and contact Tabitha Montgomery, PPNA Executive Director if you're interested. 

Will there be nominations from the floor?

Yes, there will be a call for nominations from the floor.  When the call opens you can announce that you would like to run from the floor and will be added to the ballot.

I don’t have a computer or internet connection.  How can I participate?

Contact us at info@ppna.org and we will assist you in obtaining a computer and low-cost internet service if you meet the income requirements.  

Will there be a public comment period?

Yes!  We received feedback that members wish to speak at the Annual Gathering and want to ensure we create space for everyone who wishes to speak.  Please sign up here to give public comment.  This will help us plan the agenda and ensure that each person gets at least two minutes to speak.

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