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The Renter Support Fund seeks to improve housing stability by providing direct rental assistance to cost-burdened Minneapolis renters.

The Renter Support Fund application will open again at 12pm on Monday, August 1, and close at 12pm on Monday, August 8.

Who Can Apply? 

Renters are eligible to apply if they:

  • are 18 or older

  • live in Minneapolis, and

  • spend 30% or more of their income on housing costs


We select applicants each month on a lottery basis and renters can receive funding once per calendar year. In 2022, we will fund four renters per month from July through December.

How Much Money?

Selected applicants will receive $900 in rental assistance. This year, renters can choose either three monthly payments of $300 or a one-time payment of $900.


Applicants are notified within 2 business days of the application close date and, if selected, will receive their first payment directly via check or PayPal by the 5th of the following month.

How Can I Spend It?

There are no restrictions on how selected renters can spend the money. Renters are not required to document or report how they spend the funds.

Renters do not need to repay the funds!

However, we often have opportunities for renters to share their story or help advocate for change. We sometimes call on applicants for support in these areas.​

How to apply 

Apply for the program through the online application form. The application opens at 12pm on the first Monday of the month and closes at 12pm on the second Monday of the month.**


If you cannot apply online, please call or text Julia at 612-446-4661 for assistance.


We will ask selected renters to provide a document that demonstrates housing cost burden (meaning you spend 30% or more of your income on housing costs). In order to make the process as simple as possible, we are flexible in what we can accept. Examples include: 


  • Current SNAP, Social Security, or Medical Assistance benefits letter

  • Hennepin County denial letter for assistance

  • Outstanding bill or invoice

  • Letter or notice from the landlord

  • Income statement

  • Other documents that demonstrate your circumstances


Renters are not required to submit the demonstration of cost-burden with the online application. Once you are selected to receive funds, staff will follow up to obtain any remaining paperwork.

** In 2022, the online application will be open on the following dates.

July 4-11,   August 1-8,   September 5-12,   October 3-10,   November 7-14,   December 5-12

Questions | Preguntas


Questions?  Contact Julia at or 612-446-4661


Preguntas en español?  Contactar a Nicole a 612-400-6300, o



Whether you’re selected for funding or not, PPNA staff will work to connect you with resources or services you may be interested in. Email if you’d like a direct referral to any of the listed service providers.

“The renter support fund helped me to catch up and maintain my current housing situation and allowed me room to begin exploring options to become a small business owner!"

“Helped me catch up on bills I was behind on due to testing COVID positive and the birth of my baby.”

“It helped me stay afloat.”

“This was a life saver for my family. I lost my job and my fiancé lost her job 2 weeks after, both without unemployment options...and now we both got back on our feet with this rent support!”


2021 RECAP

Check out highlights from our 2021 Renter's Support Fund ​Report!


  • 1,500+ Applications

  • $300,000+ Distributed

  • 335 Renters Funded

  • 98% of recipients reported improvements after receiving funding.


The Renter Support Fund relies on gifts from individuals, nonprofits, neighborhoods, and businesses. To help keep the program going, donate here today!