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Humanity Over Power

 South Central




The South Central Minneapolis Anti-Racism Collective is pleased to present Undoing Racism Workshops throughout the upcoming months in partnership with People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. These workshops are focused on deepening the anti-racist organizing work in our neighborhoods. 


With these workshops, we aim to strengthen the connections of various groups, stakeholders, and organizations in our four neighborhoods while establishing a shared analysis of racism. This foundation will allow us to be more effective as a community as we move into future phases of this work. 

Some examples of who we aim to engage within our neighborhoods are:

  • Local organizers and residents

  • Cultural/Identity-specific affinity groups

  • Business owners

  • Grassroots coalitions and collectives

  • Neighborhood Organization Staff and Board Members

  • Housing Justice groups

  • Land/Food Justice groups

  • Solidarity groups

  • Neighborhood Block clubs and groups

  • Leadership cohorts

  • Faith groups

  • People intent on Undoing Racism in our communities

Next workshop:

March 22nd – March 24th daytime hours. 


If you have a connection to one of the four neighborhoods and are interested in joining us for the March Undoing Racism Workshop, please email



If you are unable to attend the March workshop, but are still interested in attending a future workshop or getting connected to the larger anti-racism organizing happening in our community, please email us as well!


All workshops are led by the  People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond trainers.

We have a vision of an Antiracism Zone across our four neighborhoods.

Will you join us?

The South Central Minneapolis Anti-Racism Collective is a partnership of Bryant, Bancroft, Central, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods, the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, and Hennepin County (Angela Conley, District 4). These four neighborhoods meet at the intersection of George Floyd Square (38th Street and Chicago Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN where, on May 25, 2020, George Perry Floyd Jr was murdered at the hands of the Minneapolis Police). 

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