• Hannah Kamath

6 Ideas For Connecting with Neighbors

Photo Credit // Steph Paxton - Movies and Knitting at Steven Be. Learn more here!

Do you know your neighbors?

Check out 6 ideas to get to know them or stay connected this winter!

1. Plan a Party

Deliver invitations to your neighbors and plan for party!

Need some inspiration?

Photo Credit // Abby Anfinson

Get outside and build a snowman in every yard with some hot cocoa (we have a recipe for Heartwarming Cocoa here). You could even make it a friendly competition!

Photo Credit // David Pierini

Take a group trip to Powderhorn Park for sledding.

Photo Credit // Flo Razowsky

Plan a progressive dinner!

Every house makes one small appetizer and neighbors travel around the block for a filling and engaging meal. PPNA’s Equipment Library has equipment like tables, chairs and drink warmers to support your event.

2. Share Tools & Chores

Doing chores and maintenance is more fun with friends. Swap chores like painting or yard work with neighbors, get them done faster and have more fun.

Photo Credit // Brianne Bilyeu

Team up with neighbors to tackle household and yard projects. Chances are, between you and your block you have a large collection of tools.

Photo Credit // Mark Warren

Help out with dog walking and enjoy some extra time with a sweet pup.

Photo Credit // Aria Dominguez

Even childcare becomes more simple by staying connected. Talk to your neighbors with kids and you may find that schedules vary, so you can trade off picking up kids at the bus stop, babysitting and more.

3. Stay Active Together

Photo Credit // Christi Williams

Plan a weekly walk in the neighborhood together. If you plan to pick up litter on your block, PPNA can supply trash bags and gloves!

Photo Credit // David Pierini

Check out free exercise classes in the neighborhood from Out in the Backyard here and the pictured Hula Hooping class at Walker Church here.

4. Start or Join Your Apartment

Or Block Club