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Property Inspections + You

The City’s ‘All Together Now’ campaign kicks off this June. It aims to partner with residents, business owners, and neighborhood associations to help cleanup efforts that support livability. Inspectors from the Department of Regulatory Services will be in eleven neighborhoods; including Powderhorn Park, with a special focus on vacant properties or properties with repeated nuisance violations.

Check out some things you can do to avoid receiving a citation.

Make sure grasses & weeds are under 8".

Park inoperable vehicles (including vehicles with flat tires, expired tabs, missing tires and other major parts) in the garage and/or out of view from the street or alley.

Trim up vegetation (trees, bushes, etc.) so it is not overhang into the sidewalk, alley, or street. The city requires an overhead clearance of 7 feet for sidewalks and 14 feet for streets.

Clean up any litter or debris on your property. This includes brush, branches and yard waste.

If you are cited for a violation, you will receive a letter in the mail and then have a chance to fix the issue. You will only be fined if the issue cited is not fixed by the city's due date.

Learn more on the City of Minneapolis website here.


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