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2019 In Review: $10 Million Safety & Livability Proposal

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

As part of our Resource-Centered Platform, PPNA created a proposal this year, in partnership with the South Minneapolis Public Safety Coalition (SMPSC), to bring more safety resources into our community. You can read more about that proposal at

Here are some of the major milestones we hit this year:

- Jan 1, 2019: PPNA begins implementing our Resource-Centered Platform in an effort to bring more resources into our community

- April 9, 2019: In collaboration with SMPSC, a public meeting with community members is held to prioritize the tools, levers, strategies, and programs we should work to allocate resources toward

- May 21, 2019: Over 30 community members gather at City Hall to meet with council members and talk about our collective safety & livability goals, concerns, and priorities

- July 10: Drafting begins for a $10 Million Safety & Livability Proposal informed by our community meetings and conversations with stakeholders

- August 14, 2019: The $10 Million Safety & Livability Proposal is adopted at the SMPSC meeting

- August-November, 2019: SMPSC members and PPNA staff meet with elected leaders, City & County staff, and community stakeholders to introduce them to the proposal and identify ways to advance the work

- November-December, 2019: PPNA staff give public comment at more than 7 City and County budget hearings to advocate for more dollars and resources in Health & Human Services and other holistic safety programs



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