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My Very Own Bed

In December of 2014, Michael Allen put an idea into action. He had worked in various social service jobs around the Twin Cities, and he noticed that many children in families he served had no bed of their own. Children were sharing beds with siblings or parents or sleeping on couches each night. Michael knew that a bed creates stability for a kid and provides them a sense of ownership over a space, something so vital to a child's happiness and success.

"I saw a need in our community and wanted to make an impact ... I took a bold risk."

-Michael Allen, founder of My Very Own Bed

That risk was beginning a nonprofit to provide beds for children. My Very Own Bed (MVOB) started small, but over the years they have grown and are now delivering several beds each week to families around the metro area. They use referral partners to identify families in need and provide a bed, pillow, sheets, and a blanket for just $50.

In follow up surveys, parents said that their children who received beds demonstrated:

- Improved sleep

- Behavior changes at home

- Improved behavior and performance at school

You can help ensure that children in our community are getting a good nights sleep and feeling safe and stable in their homes. My Very Own Bed is largely fueled by volunteers. One option is to donate blankets and sheets for a child receiving a bed. Many people choose to sign up to help with a bed delivery. Not only do you get to pack up a "Dream Kit" with the supplies for the child, but you also get to accompany the MVOB staff as they bring the new bed to the child's home.

To volunteer or learn more, email

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