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May Day: Protecting Community Events

In January, we learned that the future of the MayDay festival was in jeopardy. We saw the community pour out sentiments of concern and love for MayDay, so where has all of that landed?

photo credit: Gayla Ellis

In short, the future of MayDay is still uncertain. In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, the host of the MayDay festival, shared in their program this year that they've faced significant budget cuts and layoffs, so they will not be able to continue the work. They believe MayDay will continue, but in order to do so they need a better funding model and more organizations to come on board as partner producers.

photo credit: Maria Kaefer

Keep Community Events Going

You can donate to support MayDay at But what we know is that this is a concerning trend in many of our arts and community spaces around Minneapolis. Concerns about MayDay have been compared to the recent closures of Intermedia Arts, Patrick's Cabaret, Robert's Shoes, The Soap Factory, and more. Each of these spaces was dearly loved by a community, but each didn't have enough funding to survive.

We encourage you to consider the parts of your community that you cherish and invest in them at whatever amount you're able. Small, regular gifts can dramatically improve the sustainability of non-profits and community projects, and we need that community support to thrive. It's not the only need for success, but it's certainly a key ingredient in the health of any community event or project.

photo credit: Jon Vandevelde

Porchfest needs your help!

In a few weeks, you'll see us launch a campaign to rally support for Powderhorn Porchfest. Please remember that events like this cannot happen without the support of the community. Even with our normal grants and donations, we need to fill a $5,000 budget gap to make sure Porchfest happens and is the best it can be in 2019. Keep an eye out on our social media or sign up on our email list to be sure you don't miss out.

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