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2020 Census + You: Let's Be Counted!

By April 1st, every household should receive an invitation to complete the Census, either via the new online format, over the phone, in person or through the mail. 

The goal of the 2020 Census is to conduct a complete count of every person in the United States. The data obtained by the census is critical for our communities, as it will shape political representation and the allocation of federal funding.

What data is being collected?

The Census asks for the name, gender, age and race of each member of your household.

Your information will remain confidential. The confidentiality of your census information is protected by law through U.S. Code 13 and used for statistical purposes only, never to identify individuals. Every U.S. Census Bureau employee takes a life-long oath to keep all provided information confidential. A violation of this law and oath is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $250,000.00 fine or both. You can check out a sample 2020 Census here.

How Will Data Be Used?

Data from the census is used to determine political representation and federal funding distribution for governments, programs, and services including at the state and local levels. In 2020, it will determine how many congressional representatives Minnesota will have for the next decade.

How can I get help completing my Census?

Local organizations, community centers, and religious spaces throughout the City of Minneapolis will be supporting members of their community to receive census assistance in a safe and trusted location through the City's Trusted Spaces Program. Pillsbury House + Theatre is part of the program. Learn more about it and find other locations here.

Jobs With The Census

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring! Flexible full and part time positions are available in Hennepin County. Many census workers receive part time roles in addition to their full-time job and work mostly during evenings and weekends. The Census Bureau will continue to accept applications through the end of May.

Find Census Bureau recruiting rates here.

To learn more and apply for open positions, visit the U.S. Census Bureau Website.



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