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Advocacy Recap: 3rd Quarter 2023

PPNA's collaborative approach to advancing community well-being in and around Powderhorn focuses on environmental justice, equitable development, housing justice, and holistic safety. Check out the progress we've made in the third quarter of 2023 (July-September) and ways you can get involved!

Environmental Justice

We continued our partnership with Minneapolis Edible Boulevards (MEB) to plant a boulevard garden at PPNA. Our efforts have borne fruit, as our tomatillos are now ready for harvest, with tomatoes soon to follow. In September, we organized a slow roll tour of PPNA's new gardens and those in Midtown Phillips. Stay tuned on potential tours next summer!

Whether it's individual actions like recycling, or larger endeavors like supporting the Cumulative Impacts Bill, we encourage community members to share their environmental connections.

Share your story with us HERE, and email to learn more.

Equitable Development

We collaborate with numerous organizations, businesses, and individuals through 38th Street United, a coalition dedicated to real investment in the 38th Street cultural corridor. Over time, we have seen that we are not resourced at the level needed in order to accomplish this work at the scale needed. We continue to meet monthly and our priority is securing ample resources to power the coalition's efforts, through a combination of grant applications, public funding, and philanthropic support. You are invited to share your fundraising ideas or vision for the corridor with us here.

Housing Justice

Our abundant gratitude to everyone who has donated to the Renter Support Fund! In the summer quarter, we raised over $13,000 thanks to individual donors, community partners who fundraised for us, and a grant from Huntington Bank.

Despite these successes, we are still able to support only 1.5% of all renters who apply. We are making some changes to the program to better suit our funding capacity, which you can learn about here. We need your continued support to keep the doors open and provide meaningful support to Minneapolis renters.

Will you provide material support to renters this winter? Donate here, OR sign up to organize a FUNdraiser house party or event! You can get a $75 stipend, support from staff, and the opportunity to bring your people together for a good cause. Email to learn more.

Livability & Safety

This July, PPNA collaborated with the Neighborhood Development Center to host a Safety Resource Convening. The meeting brought together leaders from the public and nonprofit sectors to ask: How can the multitude of existing violence prevention, harm reduction, and restorative justice services become more coordinated, visible, and accessible? PPNA believes existing resources aren't always easy for the average person to access, and we wanted to get the right people in the room to solve the problem. We believe a cross-jurisdictional approach between the City and County is necessary, and this winter we will meet with key leaders and ask them to champion this work. To get connected to resources for violence prevention, harm reduction, or emergency response, check out PPNA's Resource Library.


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