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Help Shape Our Resource Library

Take this One-Minute Survey for a Stronger, More Resilient, Community

As humans, our needs for housing, food, legal protection, and safety are vital for survival. Systemic and structural issues continue to create barriers for marginalized individuals and families, further emphasizing the need for holistic support. These populations often grapple with multiple, overlapping challenges that stem from systemic inequality, discrimination, or historical injustices. Without stable housing, access to regular healthcare or maintaining steady employment becomes significantly more challenging. Similarly, food insecurity can exacerbate health problems, creating a cycle that is hard to break without comprehensive interventions. In a society where the intricacies of these needs overlap, it becomes clear that we must overcome these barriers together and take responsibility for caring for one another.

At PPNA, we are committed to supporting the diverse needs of our community. While simultaneously recognizing a list of resources cannot solve these systemic problems alone, we are excited to announce that our resource library is getting a much-needed update! Our goal for this project is to share and reinforce the ecosystems of care that already exist in our community while making these resources as accessible as possible.

Refining this library will involve narrowing our categories while proactively collaborating with local organizations and collectives that can provide tailored support to our neighbors in need.

To make this initiative successful, we need your help! We invite you to share the needs most prevalent in our community by completing and sharing this brief one-minute survey. This can be personal needs or the apparent needs of others. Your feedback will guide us in forming partnerships with local organizations and ensuring our resource library addresses the specific needs of our community.

If you know of organizations or collectives you believe could benefit our community through a partnership with PPNA, please let us know in our survey. Your participation is crucial in helping us serve you better. We appreciate you for taking the time to contribute to the enrichment of our neighborhood. 

Editor: Ren Koo


Nisha Jha
Nisha Jha
May 18

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hyundai glad
hyundai glad
May 02

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