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Advocate with PPNA in 2020

Last year, PPNA introduced its new Recource-Centered Platform to center our advocacy work in securing the resources our community needs most: Housing Justice, Public Safety & Livability, and Equitable Development.

Our goal is to build the case that existing resources in these areas are not enough and to identify what additional resources are needed to improve the reality of our community. Here's what that looks like:

Housing Justice:

In collaboration with 3 coalitions, we are working to directly support renters in Minneapolis, change policies at the City and State level that build power for renters, and advocate for more dollars to be invested in affordable housing

Plug In ---> Review and sign on to Homeline's State Renters Agenda with important policies to protect renters across Minnesota


Public Safety & Livability:

We hope to strengthen partnerships with community stakeholders and demand a city that is safe for everyone, including those experiencing homelessness, addiction, or a mental health crisis. This will require significant investment in outreach and health & human services to address the root causes of these issues.

Plug In ---> Join our next SMPSC meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (complete schedule can be found at


Equitable Development:

Right now, there is no way for communities to influence what kind of development comes into their neighborhoods. There is no mechanism for community input to be leveraged in the development process, and neighborhoods find out about incoming developments long after the blueprints are approved. We want to ensure neighborhood priorities are included in the process when the City of Minneapolis works with developers.

Plug In ---> A new coalition is forming around this! Our first meeting will be Feb. 4th from 4-5:30 at PPNA, and we'd love your partnership. Stay tuned for more direct actions coming this year.


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