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Essays From A Powderhorn Writer: Talking to your kids about race, justice, and what's right

Emily P.G. Erickson, a Powderhorn-based writer has published several essays about talking to your kids about race, justice, and what's right. Read more about her experiences having conversations with her children and through the Civil Uprising in the links below.

White people like me need to talk about race, justice, and what’s right. Even when we are worried we’ll get it wrong.

White people like me need to listen to black people and keep talking to our children about race, justice, and what’s right.

All parents, whatever our skin color, must demand something better for our country than a militarized police force.

Read more of Emily's works here.

A special thank you to Emily, who made a generous donation to the Renter's Support Fund with the proceeds from these articles.


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