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HOURCAR identifes barriers to electric vehicle carsharing in the Twin Cities

HOURCAR announced the release of the Twin Cities Electric Vehicle Mobility Network Community Engagement Report, the first of its kind to identify barriers to electric vehicle carsharing in the Twin Cities. The report is a major milestone for HOURCAR in its mission to bring affordable, equitable, and sustainable transportation options to the Twin Cities.

“We at HOURCAR acknowledge that transportation systems, including carsharing, have not always equitably served Twin Cities residents, especially low-income residents and people of color,” says Paul Schroeder, HOURCAR’s CEO. “This report represents a deliberate and sustained effort on our part to include impacted communities in the process of envisioning and building our new all-electric carsharing service.”

The report was prepared in advance of the launch of the Twin Cities Electric Vehicle Mobility Network, which is scheduled for launch in the summer of 2021 and will feature:

  • A curbside electric vehicle charging network, with half the charging sites located in diverse and low-income communities

  • A one-way carshare service with 150 electric vehicles

  • A public charging network fueled by 100% renewable energy To download a copy of the HOURCAR Community Engagement Report, click here.

About HOURCAR: HOURCAR delivers affordable, accessible, and sustainable shared mobility choices. HOURCAR is Minnesota’s original nonprofit shared mobility company and has been serving the Twin Cities since 2005 and Rochester since 2019. Originally a program of the Neighborhood Energy Connection, HOURCAR became an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in June of 2017. To learn more about HOURCAR, visit

About Twin Cities Electric Vehicle Mobility Network: The Twin Cities Electric Mobility Network is a public-private partnership between HOURCAR, the Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and Xcel Energy. The project will create a network of 150 shared electric vehicles supported by a network of 70 electric vehicle charging hubs throughout the Twin Cities. The project is currently scheduled to launch in the summer of 2021.



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