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Minnesota Energy Assistance Program - New COVID-19 based eligibility

There have been changes made to the eligibility requirements and deadlines for applications to help those that may be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and quarantine.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP) facts

  • Renters and homeowners are eligible.

  • Assets such as the home value are not considered in determining eligibility.

  • Grants range from $200 to $1,400, based on household size, income, and fuel cost.

  • The average grant is about $500.

  • In addition to the initial grant, additional Crisis funds are available to:

  • Help pay a past due bill or get an emergency fuel delivery.

  • Help homeowners get their broken furnace repaired or replaced.

EAP changes made to help during COVID-19

  • The application deadline is extended to July 1.

  • The annual Crisis maximum is increased to $1,200 (up from $600).

  • EAP can help households pay a past due bill, even without a shut-off notice.

  • Income eligibility is based on the past one month only.

  • EAP still has sufficient funds and expects more from the CARES Act.

Learn more and apply:



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