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This Mother's Day, Give to Families in Need.

Donate to the Renter Support Fund & Help Moms Keep Their Families Safe.

Mother’s Day is a time of reflection and gratitude, a day to honor the remarkable women who have shaped our lives. While many of us are planning special celebrations and gifts, countless mothers in South Minneapolis and beyond are faced with securing and maintaining stable housing. The gift of security and peace of mind is invaluable. This Mother’s Day, you have the power to make a significant impact by supporting the Renter Support Fund.

In recent years, housing in America has become increasingly difficult to navigate, especially for women-led households. As housing costs continue to rise at a pace that far outstrips wage growth, the gap between affordability and necessity widens. These economic pressures are compounded by systemic barriers such as rigorous credit checks, the high cost of deposits, and outright landlord bias. These challenges form a daunting barrier to the fundamental human need for stable housing.

For a single mother, the financial requirement of providing thousands of dollars upfront for the first month's rent, last, and security deposit can be an insurmountable hurdle. The pervasive issue of landlord bias and discrimination can further narrow their options, leaving many in precarious living situations or at worst, homeless. These are not just fiscal issues but are profound reflections of the broader inequities that affect women, particularly women of color, across our nation.

Making a Real Difference

At PPNA, we believe every mother deserves a safe and secure place to raise her family. The Renter Support Fund (RSF) was created to provide practical assistance to those in dire need. This initiative provides low-barrier support to households struggling to secure or maintain housing. The RSF cuts through the usual red tape associated with financial aid for housing. Instead, it operates on the principle of immediate relief for those struggling with the cost of living. Over 80% of renters who receive funds are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, and a majority are Black women. Since 2019, the Renter Support Fund has provided funds to 490+ renter households, including 712 adults and 508 children.

Unfortunately, the need is greater than ever.

Demand for assistance has skyrocketed, with applications up 186% since 2021. Due to insufficient funds, only a low percentage of applicants who apply receive assistance. Without continued contributions from community members and the backing of civic-minded corporate entities, the RSF's capacity to offer essential support where it is needed most will be critically diminished.

So this Mother’s Day, let’s choose to extend our appreciation for mothers beyond our family circle. Here's how your donation can make a difference:

  • Peace of mind: Help a mom avoid eviction and sleep soundly knowing her family has a stable home.

  • A brighter future for children: Stable housing means kids can focus on school and thrive.

  • Stronger communities: When families have a secure foundation our entire community benefits.

Your support sends a powerful message that we, as a community, recognize the challenges mothers face and are committed to addressing them. It’s a declaration that we stand with those who juggle the demands of parenthood while navigating the complexities of an unforgiving housing market.

This support is critical not just for the immediate benefits to recipients, but also for the long-term impact stable housing has on families and communities. Secure housing is a foundation on which families build a stable, productive life. Children in stable homes perform better in school, adults have a home base from which to seek and maintain employment, and the mental health benefits are immeasurable. Let us invest in families still fighting for stability and dignity.

This Mother's Day, Give the Gift of Security

Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to a fund that directly impacts the lives of families. This Mother’s Day, let us give a gift that keeps giving. The power of the Renter Support Fund is in its simplicity and profound impact. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors, communities supporting their own, and businesses contributing to the welfare of the environments in which they operate. This Mother’s Day let’s rally together to support this vital cause. Donate to the Renter Support Fund and help keep a roof over the heads of those who need it most, because every mother deserves a place to call home.

Second Author: Debbie Robinson

Editor: Ren Koo


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