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Public Safety Resources for Everyone

We all have a part to play in contributing to a safe and healthy community. Check out the resources below and share them with your network!

  • Revolutionary Emergency Partners (REP) Emergency Hotline | Call REP's secure emergency hotline (952-737-3730) for a non-police emergency response on Friday and Saturday evenings. NOTE: REP is focusing on non-violent emergencies ONLY.

  • Southside Harm Reduction Services | SHRS works within a harm reduction framework for those who use substances, delivering supplies to those who use; doing street outreach at encampments; and sharing skills for harm reduction practices. If you need a delivery of safe substance use supplies, text (612) 615-9725.

  • Hennepin County Cope Mental Health Hotline | If you’re in a mental health crisis or know someone who is, you can call Hennepin County Cope at 612-596-1223. The Cope mobile crisis teams can come to where you are. Note that if the situation seems life-threatening, they may call for law enforcement.

  • Resolve conflict with the Conflict Resolution Center | If you are experiencing an interpersonal conflict with a neighbor, tenant or landlord, or community member, consider the Conflict Resolution Center. They provide low-cost mediation services and conflict resolution training for individuals and organizations.

  • Addressing domestic violence and chemical addiction at Missions Inc | If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or chemical addiction, you can contact Missions Inc., which provides behavioral health, chemical health, and domestic violence services to people experiencing homelessness, chemical addiction, or violence

  • Maintaining safe housing | Renters can contact Minneapolis 311 to report property code violations. For legal advice and support, you can call HOME Line MN’s tenant hotline: 612-728-5767. They regularly provide advice to renters who need repairs done on their units.


Photo by Huda Bashir



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