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RECAP: Public Safety Progress Check - SMPSC

Are we prepared for the summer with new tools for public safety and livability? We asked key city staff to provide insight as to how new initiatives for public safety are being implemented in South Minneapolis, what has been done to this point, what community members can expect, and when they can expect it.

Watch the recording:

Key Takeaways:

  • Most people had only "some confidence" that the City has resources in the right places to help prevent harm by individuals and support those who need help. Nobody indicated that they had "great confidence."

  • The two initiatives that people indicated they believed are most important in addressing public safety were Violence Interrupters and police efforts to remove guns from the streets

  • There are efforts in place to reduce and calm traffic, interrupt violence particularly by looking at group violence and gun violence, work with mental health responders, and divert calls to 311 instead of 911.

  • Most of the new initiatives are in a pilot stage that won't have enough resources to be fully effective

  • It is still unclear when new programs will be operational, but estimates are around June 2021.

More Resources:

  • Additional answers to the questions we didn't have time for can be found here.

  • Presentation from the Office of Violence Prevention can be viewed here.

  • Presentation from the City Coordinator's office can be found here.



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