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Renter Support Fund: 2020 Successes & Expansion in 2021

The Renter Support Fund seeks to aid cost-burdened renters in a low-barrier way. It aims to prevent housing insecurity and displacement. The Renter Support Fund is an initiative of the Minneapolis Renter's Coalition and administered by PPNA, as a member of the coalition.

How it works

  • Any renter in Minneapolis who spends over 1/3 of their income on rent can apply

  • Applicants are awarded on a lottery system basis

  • Selected applicants receive $300 for 3 months ($900 total)

Who we helped in 2020

  • The fund served 55 households including 169 adults and 87 children

  • We served a diversity of people through the fund, but most applicants were Female identifying, between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, and African American/Black

  • Over 150 applicants reported having experienced homelessness

  • Over 50 identified as a person with a disability

  • Most recipients report spending 50-79% of their income on rent

  • This year we began offering referrals to partner agencies thanks to a capacity-building grant from the Minneapolis Foundation. 113 applicants were given a direct referral to resources they needed.

Looking into 2021

We're thrilled to report that the Renter's Support Fund received a $300,000 grant from the City of Minneapolis allowing us to expand in 2021. This will allow the fund to give vital support to more people. Here are a few changes to look out for in 2021:

  • Our lottery system cycles will occur monthly. The application will open from the 15th to the 20th of each month starting January 15th, 2021.

  • 25 renters will be selected in the lottery each cycle.


To donate to the fund, simply click here and note 'Renter Support Fund' in the notes field of the donation form.

Interested in applying to the Renter Support Fund? Learn more and apply when the fund opens here.

Questions? Contact Grace Berke at



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