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Resources for Renters

In a city where 46% of all renters are cost burdened (spending more than 1/3 of their income on rent), we know how important it is to have resources to support renters, especially during a pandemic. Below are a list of resources for a variety of issues facing renters. We hope something below can help you or a neighbor!

Emergency or Assistance Funds

These are ongoing funding sources that may be able to provide financial assistance to low-income renters.

Utility Assistance

These programs can support utilities cost, which can often be a difficulty for renters who are cost-burdened.

Finding Housing you can Afford

These agencies can help you get on ongoing housing assistance or voucher programs or help you access affordable housing

Legal Aid

These resources can help you if you have a legal question or need a lawyer

Emergency Shelter

If you need immediate shelter, try one of these resources

  • Youth Link - for young people ages 16-23

  • Adult Shelter Connect - Call 612.248.2350 to find shelter for adults without children

  • Family Shelter Connect - call 612-348-9410. On holidays, weekends, and evenings until 11 p.m., call 211 (mobile: 651-291-0211) and ask for the after-hours shelter team.

  • Tubman - shelter and support for people who have experienced domestic violence or abuse

Tenants Rights

To brush up on your rights as a renter and do your own research, these resources have a lot of info


To organize with your fellow renters, this info may be helpful

Mutual Aid

This is a list of mutual aid funds that may be able to help financially as well



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