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Share Your Home With Youth

Our friends at Avenues For Youth are seeking people to share their homes with youth experiencing housing instability.

How can I help?

Join ConneQT, a host home program. It is a housing option where LGBTQI+ youth choose to live with community members. The goal of this program is to provide culturally responsive housing within a youth's own community. They do this by recruiting, training, and supporting community members that share their homes. Youth live with community members from one week to one year, depending on their needs.

Do I qualify to be a host home?

There are many unknowns when it comes to hosting and building community with youth. It requires trust, hope, vulnerability, commitment, communication, healthy boundaries, and flexibility. To host, you:

  • Have an extra bedroom or space for the youth

  • Are at least 25 years old Identify as LGBTQI+ or an ally (our program supports LGBTQI+ youth)

  • Live within one-hour driving distance from downtown Minneapolis, and have lived near the Twin Cities for a least one year

  • Have renter/homeowner's insurance

  • Have a commitment to anti-racism, social justice and equity; be committed to continually working on how power and privilege shows up in your own life

Learn more and reach out to Avenues for Youth here. Let's work together to provide for each other 💗



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