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Statement of Position: 38th & Chicago | George Floyd Square

George Perry Floyd Jr. “George Floyd” is undeniably, tragically, and powerfully linked to the corner of 38th & Chicago. This is where his final breaths were heinously taken by then officers of the Minneapolis Police Department. As his family and friends continue to remember his life, PPNA & CNO along with many in the community, and around the world, stand with them in their ongoing calls for justice. The place where his life was taken has become known as George Floyd Square. Tens of thousands of people have made their way to this site and have laid one or more offerings in his name. PPNA & CNO support actions that can help ensure the various acts of remembrance, calls for justice, and healing anchor and envelope this space permanently.

38th & Chicago remains a key community and commercial intersection in South Minneapolis. Since the murder of George Floyd, PPNA & CNO acknowledge and has deep gratitude to every community member who chose to serve as gatekeepers, healers, emergency responders, community artists, conversation conveners, food distributors, and caretakers of every offering left at the memorial. The tireless commitment of these folks made it possible for tens of thousands of people from across our community and around the world to pay their respects to George Floyd. Their collective contributions are incalculable. PPNA & CNO will look for ways to support and partner with the community to raise and secure funds that enables the ability of this work to continue in ways that the community directs.

Our Community is full of people willing to give, connect, advocate, heal, and build in service of overall community health. The association also understands that there are some people who are currently willing to cause harm, chaos, or worse. This was true before the murder of Mr. Floyd. PPNA & CNO do not believe that the rise in violent crimes in our community is a result of the 38th & Chicago intersection being closed. Our associations believe that some community members, who were willing to cause harm before Mr. Floyd’s murder, actively look for ways to use George Floyd Square as a shield to further illegal and detrimental activity in our community. PPNA & CNO believe that community safety and livability will not occur simply as a result of the City’s decision to reopen the intersection but will require ongoing demands from our community for adequate, accessible, and sustainable resources that focus on building people up and tearing obstacles down.

Our Work as best as we can individually and collectively manage, is to further equity, justice, and healing in all forms throughout our community. PPNA & CNO believe this requires accepting that there are multiple truths about how to navigate this season of harm. In honoring that everyone has the right to see this moment differently, our associations believe we create space to demonize problems and not people. PPNA & CNO support the voice of every community changemaker, activist, elected leader, appointed public servant, business owner, organization leader, and resident willing to share their views on what should happen at George Floyd Square in service of community. This support only extends to voices that don’t willfully or maliciously seek to cause physical or emotional harm because of their truth.


Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA)

Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (CNO)

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