• Hannah Kamath

Tips for Navigating a Community Emergency

In sharing this information we hope to prepare ourselves and neighbors for unpredictable situations that challenge community safety in the weeks and months ahead. We know ongoing tragedies continue to impact our community -- the murder of George Floyd and the impending trials, the global COVID-19 pandemic & economic depression, the national increase in violent crime. This information will not resolve any of these realities but aim to provide a few actionable ways we can encourage collective preparation and response.

Create a personal preparedness plan that considers the following:

  • A go-bag with hard copies of important documents (including your bank accounts, insurance, etc), masks, first aid & toiletries, a change of clothes, phone and chargers, flashlight, snacks and water, and other items that would be critical for 1-2 days away from your home.

  • Options you might have for shelter if you need to leave your home. This could be a hotel, a friend or family member’s house, or an emergency shelter.

  • List of people you may need to contact including friends, family, and neighbors - create communication plans and channels if necessary.